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The Latest in Pet Food Recall News

Right now, the best idea I can think of is to keep abreast of the news regarding pet food recalls. Go to Google News and type in pet food recall (and possibly the brand you feed and want to monitor) and click “Search News”. … Continue reading

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Dog Collectibles: Trade Cards

Dog trade cards are a fun collectible and a great choice for a new collector. They are inexpensive, numerous, readily available, and take up little space. Trade cards commonly advertised tobacco products, but also candy, coffee and tea, soap, toothpaste, … Continue reading

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The Very Best Valentine

If you’ve been thinking about adding a dog to your family, why not start your research with Pet Finder? You can browse their research library, and even view adoptable animals in your area. If you are not yet ready to bring home a new friend, … Continue reading

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2007 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

It’s the dog world’s answer to the Super Bowl, and the second oldest sporting event in the United States. It’s two wonderful days when the world seems to focus on dogs. Having a Westminster Party at home or with your … Continue reading

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Sweet Toy for Sore Bones

After my recent injury, long walks are difficult, I can’t quite bend over to pick up a toy, and my shoulder isn’t ready to throw a ball. So, Dash is bursting with unspent energy. In desperation, I bought a Chuckit (a 26 … Continue reading

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Dog-Related Software for PDAs

Inexpensive software downloads for your PDA abound. If you have a Palm PDA, visit Palm Gear and search under the keywords dog and pets. There are programs to organize your dog’s information, and keep veterinary, show and training records. You’ll find games, eBooks, and … Continue reading

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Dog-Related Downloads

Are you busily loading music, games, and video onto a shiny new iPod, PDA, or computer? Why not add some dog-related information and entertainment? Here are some free audio downloads: Dogcast radio offers downloads of more than 30 UK-based canine podcasts. … Continue reading

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The Organized Dog (Part 1)

Everyone’s talking about getting organized. It’s that time of year. Why not organize your dog’s records? You may need to access your dog’s records for: Veterinary consults Kennels, petsitters Training classes Events (You’ll need basic info to register, and often … Continue reading

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Your Dog Events Calendar for 2007

Getting ready for the New Year? Why not put together your own calendar of fun dog events in your area? You’ll find events you and your dog can participate in, and others where you can just sit back and enjoy … Continue reading

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